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Re: driving to Provo, UT from WA (no.og.a2)

Quote, originally posted by no.og.a2 »
so anyone live near or around PROVO? i will be heading there next weekend to pick up a friend of mine and just trying to get an idea of people to contact just in case anything was to happen.....

will you be driving one of your "scooters or mopeds"?

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Re: driving to Provo, UT from WA (TisforTurbo)

Quote, originally posted by TisforTurbo »
Provo is FTL. except theres lots of hot girls down there.

P-town is the shizzle. I should know, i effin live there.

Washinton dude, lemme know if you need anything. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: (toasters)

thanks everyone...im just really looking for maybe people who would be willing to maybe let me take down their phone number end take mine just incase anything was to happen cause i dont know whther i will have access to a computer down there. im just going to be there for probably a day or two at the most and then we are driving back.
thanks everyone.
eric s.
Quote, originally posted by toasters »
I'm in provo. I have a VAG too. Hit me up if you need anything.

....i drive an 8v mk2.....
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