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Droning brakes?

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When I step on the brakes at over ~40mph, they make this very odd humming sound. The discs are new Zimmerman X-drilled, and the pads were just checked 3 weeks ago and have 80% left on them. I did get on the brakes fairly hard earlier today, and that's about when it started making that noise, now it makes it all the time. What could it be?
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Re: Droning brakes? (germanrox)

Hmm, check to make sure that one of the pads was some how shifted to an improper spot. get some brake squeel silencer from Autozone and put some on the back of the pads, should help quiet them down.
Re: Droning brakes? (vagvr6)

if you go slow and stick your head out the window do you hear it then? is it kindof a dzzzzz sound? if it is, it's your holes in the rotors, sounds real weird. no big deal.
Re: Droning brakes? (M this 1!)

No, I know the sound of my brakes going over the holes in the rotors, I love it! This is a totally different sound, not the sswwwsssshhhh sound of pads over holes, this is more like a low pitched hhhhuuuuhhhhhhhhh, which gets lower pitched the slower you get,if that makes any sence. It started after I got on 'em earlier today, but not enough to kick in the abs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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