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Yes, I'm looking for a car to replace the Integra down the line - (will be wife's) - she wants a TL, but I'm checking out the A4 and maybe the RSX if it EVER gets 4 doors.
Today I drove the 1.8T 5-speed quattro sedan and 3.0 6-speed quattro sedan.
The 1.8T seemd to handle better, and was morefun thatn the 3.0 - the quattro really makes it feel like its on rails! Very sporty, but not quite enough power, it felt
Also the stereo could not get loud! It had smaller speakers than the Passat and less power thn the Monsoon
So, in the 3.0, I was surprised to feel the car's response not quite as sharp - it was fast, but not as fast as expected - the 6-speed shifter was awkward at first (not used to it) - but for some reason I just liked the 1.8T despite a wish for more power - it seemd better balanced in some way
I'm 6 2 - the seat went back far! good driver position, but the car hasn't a lot of room - it's small inside - materials were nice - I didn't really like the flashy aluminum trim all over the front and I also didn;t like the wood in the 3.0

Didn't gt o be in a car with the Bose stereo - 695 more

The 1.8T was 31,000. the 3.0 almost 37,000!
Back to the Passat wagon I came in - suddenly, I felt I was in a car with the right amount of room and the right amount of power and handling - the interior wasn't all jazzed up - it was pleasantly refined - and the stereo was louder with much deeper bass -
The only concession - the A4 was much stiffer, and handled like a sports car (especailly he 1.8T) - it makes a very good personal car
But the Passat insome ways feels like the better car - and costs a lot less -
I was surprised at the value of the Passat in relation (I got my loaded 1.8T 5-speed wagon for 25,000)
In Consumer reports, they test he Lexus ES300, Acura TL, A-4, and Jaguar (and Infiniti I35) and thencome out and say the Passat and Camry outscored all of them
I can see why - so maybe another Passat is the answer -
(Actually, I could see getting a stripped down A4 1.8T but it's got to have a louder stereo)

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Re: Drove A4 today - nice car but...Passat is the obvious value (psychwarlord)

I sat in an A4 3.0 sedan at the dealer last week just as a benchmark before thinking more seriously about the W8. I still don't fit the A4....only slightly better than the old one. CU's measurements indicate my 2000 Passat has 4 inches more front-to-back-seat room than the A4 and I certainly believe it.
The A6 is a more appropriate comparison to the Passat. I'm going to check out an A6 again before looking at the W8. Since the A6 quattro sedan has folding seats it can be compared to the Passat wagon for my purposes. (Or do the W8 sedan back seats fold? There are conflicting reports.)

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Re: Drove A4 today - nice car but...Passat is the obvious value (SAEDave)

Yeah I was looking at the A4 as well besides the Passat. I liked the A4, and all my friends at school where like "get the A4, get the A4" *thats cause everyone has one at school* but to me the Passat is better for the money. So I got a Passat configured to my needs and likes. Im also a big guy and the A4 as much as I wanted/want it. I couldent see my self driving in a car the size of a clown car for 4 years. Im 6"3.

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Re: Drove A4 today - nice car but...Passat is the obvious value (quailallstar)

The new A4 handles awesome. I've driven it with and without the Sports Package.
That said, couple of observations:
1. Sitting inside the A4 is somewhat claustrophobic. They raised the door sill a few inches on the new car. Gives a "chop top" feeling when inside. I think it's worse in the back seat.
2. The stick 1.8t I drove seemed slow. I floored it a few times to get the car going. I don't know if this is because the car had few miles and it has to "learn" the driver's habits, or what. For some reason I don't remember this with the 1.8T Passat stick I rented last year.
3. The trunk is surprisingly large; rear seat room is still small.
You can get a 1.8t New Audi FronTtrack for $4000 more than the Passat. If you mod the Passat (suspension, etc), that difference drops. Add the difference in service (plus Audi pays for 4 years service) and that number drops even more.
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