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Drove the car a bit hard tonight, nothing crazy, and now a CEL w/ weird idle?

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So tonight I was enjoying the nice weather, and decided to have a little fun driving. Redlined 3rd smoothly, shifted into 4th, climbed another 5 mph, then cruised in 5th... downshifted back to 4th for a bit more acceleration, then slowed things back down to about 75 in 5th gear. Seriously nothing crazy, or jerky by any means.
So when I get back to city streets again, my car feels a little "off" - not crazy, but I can just tell something is a LITTLE different.
When I press in the clutch, my car searches for the idle for a second, it hits about 1300 rpm, then finally settles back down to normal.
I threw a CEL for a misfire too.
It felt like it was -slightly- surging while I was driving around. Just barely.
I turned the car off for about 4 hours, come back to it - same thing, but no CEL on the 15 minute ride home.
Any ideas on what the heck I did??
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Re: Drove the car a bit hard tonight, nothing crazy, and now a CEL w/ weird idle? (xtravbx)

Check the coil packs... sometimes major reving will cause blow-by gasses to push the coil off the plug and mis-fire the engine. Just remove the coil, re-torque the plug and reinstall coil.
Thanks for that fast reply. I'll check that tomorrow. I ordered new plugs, anyways, so I think I'm going to end up replacing the packs and put in new plugs. They're the original packs, at 82,000 miles.
Plugs and packs (especially) would be good candidates for replacement. I'll bet you experience a whole new driving experience when you do
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