Only the uninitiated think Beetles are boring. As a tuner platform, the Volkswagen Beetle is legendary. Even before the youth of America were making Honda Civics loud and obnoxious, the timeless Bug had already gone racing in the sand, been converted to V8 power and scored its very own movie deal.

Today, we’re taking time out to recognize a new-age Bug with old-school attitude. Forum member drtechy has put a personal touch, or several, on the latest iteration of the Bug. It’s been transformed inside and out, and has the performance to back up those sinister looks.

Frankenbeetle Will Tear Your Head Off

When your build thread stretches past 50 pages , it’s a good sign your car is legit. You could write a book with just the parts list for this mean Platinum Grey 2012 Turbo Beetle. And it’s not all cosmetic, either —  the Frankenbeetle will get up and go, thanks to a Frankenturbo F23T upgrade.

Based around a factory K04 turbo, the kit provides a dramatic increase in horsepower, with the manufacturer’s dyno results showing an increase from 195 to 353 horsepower at lower RPM, and 368.1 ft-lbs. @4900 RPM .

The addition of a custom ECU tune, Eurocars intake and throttle body, SPM intercooler, and Peloquin LSD lead us to believe this is just about the baddest Beetle around when it comes to the stoplight grand prix. But it’s not just built for straight-line speed.

Shiny Carapace

This car’s owner knows how to put the power down. It sports upgraded driveline components, as well as Bilstein PSS10 Coilovers and 6-piston Brembo calipers up front. You’ll know when you see it, too, because the 19” Rotiform KPS wheels leave little to the imagination .

Drtechy kept it classy on the outside, complementing the wheels with a conversion to piano black where the Bug used to sport chrome. The front bumper gets a shave, LED tail lights have been installed to replace the factory 2012 units and he’s added custom RetroShop HID projector headlights with LED DRLs and switchback signals. Say that five times fast.

Find Your Inner Bug

Perhaps this car’s best feature, though, is its interior. The owner’s personality really shines through in the custom wrap, short shifter with custom shift knob and that steering wheel. It’s a BAK Performance piece made entirely of carbon fiber, and regardless of weight savings, this is where it belongs .

Speaking of weight savings, drtechy ripped out the back seats and replaced the fronts with a set from a MKII Audi TT. They’re power adjustable, of course. The car also gets an upgraded cockpit, complete with Podi boost gauge, a USP traction control button to defeat the Bug’s factory system and an upgraded stereo.

This car is a great example of how a Bug with attitude can really stand out. VW aimed to make this generation of the Beetle a car male and female enthusiasts alike could enjoy, and this unique example is proof positive these little cars can be fast and fun for all different drivers.

If you want to do a build this complex yourself, we recommend a few things. First, some garage space so you can work in any weather. Then, at least a 2-post lift so you can save your back. And finally, a whole lot of patience.

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