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Dry sump

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What is the feasibility of turning the wet sump of the 2L to a dry sump.
Want to get more power this route and get a better weight distribution by puting the holding tank and pump in the rear. Anyone done this or know of a kit that exists?
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Re: Dry sump (Civic Slayer)

no, none exist.
there are parts out there though.
this is not the place to ask about it either.
i am aware that "eurospec" sells an oil pan with the AN fittings on the bottom. as far as the pump and holding tank, time to start fabricating and looking through the pages of http://www.jegs.com
Re: Dry sump (Civic Slayer)

It would be a custom setup. You money could be well spent on other parts, unless you are already making over 450hp and just looking for that extra .08 in the 1/4.
Re: Dry sump (Civic Slayer)

I have a friend who has raced his VW with a dry sump and recently switched to a wet sump due to rule changes, he says the VW windage tray with a baffled oil pan performs almost as well as a dry sump.
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