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Dual rear fogs: HOW TO?

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Sometimes when people see me drive fast in snowy conditions, they think they can too, and the result is that they follow too close. What they don't know is that not only is their car a POS, so are their tires and that I have a much shorter stopping distance than they.
In any case, I use my rear foglight to warn off would-be tailgaters. I think it would work even better if I had higher wattage bulbs and wired up the driver's side as well. Anybody done this or have any theories before I tear it down and do it myself?
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Re: Dual rear fogs: HOW TO? (TabulaRasa)

I think in the "New-Car 1991 Coupe Quattro" thread I voiced my opinions.
I too use my rear fog to warn them off...maybe not to warn them off but since it is rather annoying, to let them know I'm here and give them second thoughts about being too close.
Having both sidesss wired up I think would be too easily mistaken for brake lights and seems to be generally unsafe. Not only could you cause another driver to panic, you could also make the more oblivious drivers less aware of your actual braking if they are just assuming your brake lights are stuck on. Ever driven behind an Audi w/ the rear fog on? It's pretty friggin annoying.
Just my .02
Re: Dual rear fogs: HOW TO? (billzcat1)

I think all you have to do is get another harness and light, and plug it in. You will have to pop the plastic off the right side hole where the bulb goes in. I don't know about how annoying it really is, but in bad conditions, I think it would be a good idea, or if you have someone following too close. Plus, when you put the brakes on, you have the third brake light, and the r + l sides go on, it would be real apparent, even to an idiot that you are braking. I actually have the plug and harness from my 93 90 that I'm still parting if you want it. I've seen only one audi have 2 rear fogs on it, and it's not confusing at all when you see the brake lights go on once. or when the car is accelarating.
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Re: Dual rear fogs: HOW TO? (90)

No reason to have a right one.
You might want to do a few test runs with the higher wattage bulbs in, since you don't want to melt your rear light cluster
Re: Dual rear fogs: HOW TO? (90)

I wired up the 2nd rear fog on my cq. It was very easy. All you need is 1 wire, a lightbulb, and some tools. The hardest part was cutting out the hole in for the bulb. I ran the wire from the hot on the drivers side to the pass. side where their is already a place for the wire to be attached to in the harness. Feel free to e-mail me for exact directions at [email protected]
Also, I use mine mainly to ward off tailgaters and in really bad weather. The other night, I was drving on the highway doing ~70mph. I had 1 car ahead of me i was wanting to move over. A 300zx came flying up on my ass and stayed there. I hit the lights, he slowed dramatically and kept a good distance, I was happy. They had to annoy the hell out of him. He looked to be sitting almost eye-level with them.

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Re: Dual rear fogs: HOW TO? (blkaudicq)

I was looking on the trunk lid of my 5000s and I notivced that there are 2 provisions for lights and a wire harness. I am assuming that they are for rear fogs in Europe. I think that it would be easy on my car to do that. Also on most European model cars there is only 1 rear fog.
People are idots and they could probably mistake it as being one light working and the other one burnt out. Pretty much the moral of the story is a rear fog is not going to make morons aware that you are ahead of them, and unless they have Quattro their cars are useless in the snow.
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Re: Dual rear fogs: HOW TO? (Evilgtiguy)

My dad, when he worked at an Porsche/Audi dealership said that ppl always came in bitching about having a rear light burned out. They got pretty good at wiring up a second.
Re: Dual rear fogs: HOW TO? (blkaudicq)

Well, not gonna express my opinions. but IF you wanna run another bulb for a 2nd rear fog:
1. Get another bulb identical to the rear fog you already have.
2. Run a wire from the positive foglight lead on the driverside under the carpet (keep it away from the lock) and across to the same terminal on the rightside cluster.
3. grab some needlenose pliers and break out the plastic on the cluster so the bulb can fit through it.
PS - the positive lead on the cluster is the one that DOES NOT have a brown wire cnnected to it from the harness'
If you need further info i can prolly snap some pics tommorow, so let me know.
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