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Quote, originally posted by votexgli »

These fit just like oem style skirts, they line up perfectly, well enough
if you didnt want to use glue/tape to hold them up in the middle you would
not have to, they fit snug at the corners and no cracks or issue with paint.
Def. something to look into if you dont want oem dealership prices

Quote, originally posted by Zackjoe15 »

for a great product!! Came out great on my car! Here it is cruising down
the strip @ H2Oi

Quote, originally posted by D05GU »

far as opinions go on this forum it can be doubtful at times. Especially
coming from users mostly young who are opinionated when it comes to a product
without actually ever owning it or having any idea. Just with any product
there will be no happy customers 100 percent of the time. There is a lot
of smack talk with Dubtechnik skirts , but decided to try them as a have
heard rave reviews in good and bad. I must say the Dubtechnik GLI replica
skirts fitted flawlessly , as well as the body shop fellas complemeting on
how good the fitment was. Had no problem whatsoever and you really get justice
and cant beat that deal your getting for the price. Just speaking from my
personal experience and highly recommend them .

Quote, originally posted by DuB_MaNG »

hey my car! haha yea these skirts are awesome! then again most all dubtechnik
product is good! and yea very oem fitment as u can see... i even offered
to tape them to the car to hold them up while we test fitted, but as u can
see they literally clamp rite on.

Quote, originally posted by Cass944 »

showed up monday morning. the skirts showed up in perfect condition, no cracks
or scrapes from shipping. and they fit very well. thanks guys also, there
are no bolts/tape/glue or anything holding the skirt on in those pictures
for those who are wondering

Quote, originally posted by CaRacerX »
i picked up a set recently, they seem plenty strong and
I had no fitment issues at all.

Quote, originally posted by EuroSpecGolf1 »
Thanks guys got my set today, did a quick test fit and
they fit great! Ill post some pictures with them on and painted soon!

Quote, originally posted by D05GU »
ordered from this guys couple of months back

Great skirts and fitment OEM

Quote, originally posted by rjdubster »
just wanted to say , i got my skirts today and they are
awsome, perfect fit ,high quality . thanks again

Quote, originally posted by Urkel »
Just got my set. went for a test fit and they fit like


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