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Quote, originally posted by ledan09 »
BORDER="0"> Guys...I just have to say that this is the hottest mod I ever
did. Dubtechnik is a great company. Their bumper fits like a glove and the
quality is very commendable. I am a very satisfied customer...My body shop
told me the bumper fit like a glove!

Quote, originally posted by MolotovMan »

got my first RXS bumper because my car was hit in the front.
BORDER="0"> It was free to me <IMG NAME="icon"
SRC="http://www.vwvortex.com/vwbb/biggrin.gif" BORDER="0"> , I had a bodyshop
Professionally fit it, paint it, I loved it, and it was great, it was very
durable holding up to scrapes and bottoming out here and there on crappy
VA roads

. It held up to many rocks hitting it during road pavings in my area as well

. One day at an autocross a tradgedy happened, I got called over the PA and
they said somebody hit my car in the parkinglot!
I walked over to it, and a foreign woman who ahd gotten her license a week
earlier backed into it

. It cracked about 4-5 inches, but was still mounted to the car fine

it was pretty rock solid, After that I worked things out with the person,
and my bodyshop and came to the agreement I was going to get a new bumper

, and it was going to be the same one! After that I drove without care of
destroying the bumper, and scraped it a bunch and even smacked it real bad
at bugout. I was surprised with the druability of it
BORDER="0"> .

Dubtechnik then shipped another bumper out right away and in a week and a
half it was there in "Bulletproof Packaging". I dropped my car off and a
week later i got it back with the bumper looking better than the first one
<IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.vwvortex.com/vwbb/biggrin.gif"
that was just last week(10/17). I still love the bumper!


Quote, originally posted by 3ur0Tra$h »

I have seen this in person and it looks amazing. I was doubtful at first,
however once I got to see it painted and installed on the car

Quote, originally posted by dormantgenius1 »

never done body work before in my life, so the RXS bumper was my first chance
to do so.

I ran the bumper through New Jersey for two weeks (around the time of Waterfest),
and smacked that thing around more times than I care to remember. Those roads
SUCK. The Pennsylvania roads I traveled weren't much better. Needless to
say, the bumper holds up, and is incredibly resilient.

the bumper is constructed well, holds up to bumps, dings and little twists,
and I wrestled with it a lot while test fitting and never hurt it.

So for anyone that wants to bash Dubtechnik products over hearsay - you
should shut your mouth before everyone realizes how incredibly ignorant you


Quote, originally posted by UntouchableGTI »

mine fit like a glove, free bump

Quote, originally posted by DuB_MaNG »

fit oem perfect

Quote, originally posted by chaoticvr6 »
I can honestly say, i just ordered their RXS front Bumper
and it arrived, not only safe and sound, but better packed the a grand piano
would have. this is a bumper that travelled from Cali to Quebec and on to
me in Toronto.

I happily paid for the bumper and shipping up front, and as they had told
me - it would arrive by ground in about 5-7 days. showed up on the 6th due
to driver error, otherwise woulda been there in 5 days.

Quote, originally posted by deknaskrash »
http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif BORDER="0"> for Dubtechnik.. My whole kit was here within a week.. Everything
was in good condition. Now to install it.

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