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Hey People, I need to ask for your help.. VWVortex is starting to
lock my Dubwars threads& and from the advise of a moderator, I need to
have different people start threads in each forum and include a picture
or 2 of the vehicle in the forum.. Get someone else to post about
Dubwars and make it specific to the forum. So have someone with a MKII
post in the MKII forum about how many of you MKII guys are going to
dubwars. Then maybe post a pic or two of some MKII's from last years event.
Then do the same for each forum. Can I get some help? Also, we are
going to need to start up the judging task force.. So who is in for
> George Turner, Jr

Modified by eurobred at 3:34 AM 4-20-2006
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