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Dummy Brake light won't go out.

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Howdy, thought perhaps one of you guys might have had this problem before.
My Dummy brake light won't turn off. It turns on with the ignition, and simply won't go off. The ABS turns off, as with the Check engine light...but the Brake light WILL NOT go off.
I've already checked the brake fluid level. (which is fine, apparently, if it's low, the light will come on and stay on)
I've ruled out the fact that it could be an ABS problem as the ABS works fine( I checked
and the ABS light goes out as normal)
I've taken out the center console to look at the brake lever actuator and tried to see if the switch at the brake lever is fried or not connecting. HOwever, it can't possibly be fried, as it's no switch at all. IT simply breaks a loop when you push down the parking brake. When you have the parking brake on, a spring pushes a powered connector back up and grounds out against the chassis thus turning on the light. If this hasn't made any sense, or if you have any ideas, please let me know...the light sorta bugs me.
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Re: Dummy Brake light won't go out. (Soviet B3)

Have you checked your brake fluid level and/or the switch conected to the resevoir cap ?
Re: Dummy Brake light won't go out. (YetiMan)

Yep, as stated above, I checked the fluid level, and just to make sure, i disconnected the wires, inspected, and plugged em back in nice and tight, still no love. Any other suggestions?? Thanks for the help.
Re: Dummy Brake light won't go out. (Soviet B3)

I'm assuming you have a light in the dash with 3 icons, Brakes, ABS, CE. Inside this light is a circuit with a few transistors, a few diodes, and resistors. One transistor is for the brake light, check to see any obvious melt down or cracks in its case. You can use a multi-meter and verify the diodes and transistor arn't shorted. I think the transistor was a C5478 or C547B, anyways when you seek a replacement, add 2S to the front of the transistor, so it looks like 2SC547*.
It's been awhile since I've examined one of those lights, but its not a big deal to service. I have a spare from an 93 SLC, I wanted to use it in my G60 dash, but it doesn't fit.
Good luck, and use a 15-30 watt pencil soldering iron, don't want to fry the new transistor with too much heat. Practice safe soldering (solder fumes are a health hazard).
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This is an old thread I know... but could I have a qustion to Eric D? What is the reason for the transistor there? What is the signal from the abs ecu to the light input, is it ground? or is it 12v?

The reason I am asking, I am installing teves mk20 system to replace my teves mk2 on my golf mk2, I would like to swap the internals of the abs light into the case of the golf mk2 abs light.
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