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Hey guys its good to be back in a mk3... I just purchased a 96' gti vr6. the car has some issues but the price was right. Im in the process of working out most of the issues now (oil cooler coolant pipe sprung a leak on the drive home with her, shifter is VERY sloppy in the cabin but solid on the transmission, im thining busings are shot?) The one thing im not quite sure about is....

at WOT it seems the car is dumping fuel, the motor free revs just fine but when its in gear and you put the peddle down it just "hesitates". could this just be a dirty MAF sensor or maybe one in need of being replaced. I cant think of anything else it could be... can you?

Ive also ordered the cooling system refresh kit from BFI and a new plastic crack pipe.
Ive decided it wouldnt be right to post up pictures untill shes finally on the road, sorry.
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