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DV+Intake vs. ECS

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how much louder is the HKSSSQ BOV compared to a P-Flow and Forge DV setup?
Is the sound difference very significant? thanks..
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Re: DV+Intake vs. ECS (boostedvdub)

thanks guys
a ECS Kit and a P-Flow would be even louder correct? since the stock airbox is not muffling the sound of anything?
Also how smooth is the HKSSQBOV compared to the forge DV?
With my upsolute chip, after i installed the forge, i noticed a smoother acceleration, will it be the same with the BOV?

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Re: DV+Intake vs. ECS (Jman5000)

So will a BOV with a PFlow be louder upon spool-up than just the stock airbox and BOV, correct?
Re: DV+Intake vs. ECS (jae1.8T)

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