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dyno results...need help choosing cam

this may be a rethorical question but i have to ask because i am so confused. i guess what i really need is cold hard numbers to help me to decide which cam is the best for me. i dont need something crazy but good useable power throughout the rev range. even from about 1,000 to 4,000 rpm would do me okay becuase thats usually where i drive at anyway. any help would be really cool. any dyno numbers before and after would would really be useful also.
i own a 2.oL golf with homemade ram air...everything else is bone stock.

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Re: dyno results...need help choosing cam (jokerswild454)

get a mild cam, such as a TT 260* or 266*. Both produce nice power, and its still driveable without too lumpy of an idle. want some more power, go 268*.
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