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E-Brake Won't "Unlock"!!! Need Help!

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Ok this happened to me a couple of times, but only when it's cold out. I start my car, warm it up, and when I put the e-brake down it doesn't unlock. The e-brake light turns off and the handle goes down fine, but it doesn't unlock. Has this happened to anyone before? Is it just frozen from the cold? And how what should I do? Thanks.
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Re: E-Brake Won't "Unlock"!!! Need Help! (ROTREX-G60)

Chances are, it's because you have moisture in the brake cables, which then freezes and prevents the cable from sliding back into unlocked position. Temporary fix: Either warm up the rear brakes with a hairdryer ; or go back to the rear wheels, and pivot the part of the assembly where the cable connects back to where it should be. You may need a mallet to tap it back. Then, dont use it. Park in gear. (currently doing this until I can do real fix) Probably need to eventually replace the cables themselves, as well as those rubber stoppers (which are what let that moisture in in the first place) Cables from dealer I hear aren't too badly priced, but I've replaced them with similar sized coated cable from a hardware store before in other cars.
Re: E-Brake Won't "Unlock"!!! Need Help! (chi_rado)

Same problem... For now, I'm parking in gear and not using the e-brake. Cables are like $8 each at the stealer.
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Re: E-Brake Won't "Unlock"!!! Need Help! (kkozma)

Sorry cant help but i have a ?
Recently ive noticed that like the first 3" of motion you would use to pull the e brake, its really loose.. You can move it with 1 finger but after the 3" its tight.. anyone know whats going on here? maybe the cable needs to be adjusted?
Re: E-Brake Won't "Unlock"!!! Need Help! (a747ba)

quote:[HR][/HR]the first 3" of motion you would use to pull the e brake, its really loose.. Rob[HR][/HR]​
needs to be adjusted, remove the center consol and tighten up the calbe using the nuts near the hand brake mechanism. check the CCA website for more details
as for the rest of you. you need to replace the cables, what i did in the mean time was unhook the right rear, the one which was stickin, so i still have the left one working. its really easy to replace, and they were 24 and change for the set from adirondack (germanautoparts.com)
Re: E-Brake Won't "Unlock"!!! Need Help! (porn8069)

Might be quite the universal problem. I'm rather anti-parking break in the winter.
Re: E-Brake Won't "Unlock"!!! Need Help! (porn8069)

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