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Gonna be getting me some e-codes soon, awwwww yea.
got like 3 questions that i couldn't find with search.
Question 1
I will have a euroswitch when i get them, but when i set it to parking lights, will the city lights come on? or just parking?
I kinda want just parking lights, unless the city lights are as dim.

Question 2
What the heck is a motor leveler? I get the general idea..just need clarification/pics.
Question 3
I am going to hook up fogs..and I understand some wiring is in order *not a big deal BUT..what if u want to hook up the hella micro de fogs too or just those? more wires?
If any of that made sense I'll appreciate help

Thanks guys n gals
Happy Modding

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Re: E-Codes :) (W0lfsburg4)

lets see:
parking and city lights are the same thing.
i think motor leveler is just for HId's, it keeps the beam on the road at all times. unless your speaking of getting them aimed after you install your new ecodes, i do not know too much about that
if you have a GLX trim with fogs the DE's will be easier to install cuz i think you can wire them directly into the existing fogs..not sure though.
This is all to the besat of my knowledge so take it with a grain of salt

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1) Position 1 on the euroswitch turns on the park (turn signal) lights on the DOT lights. On the e-codes those stay off and the W5W cities are turned on. They serve the same purpose and are only 5W bulbs. The city light bulbs sit at the base of the reflector for the main beams.
2) The "leveling motors" may or may not come with your e-codes (depending on brand Hella/Valeo and supplier). Unlike what the previous poster said, in this case they have nothing to do with HIDs. The leveling motors, when hooked up, run off of a thumbwheel switch located where your dash dimmer wheel is now (you would actually have two wheels - one for the dash and one for the leveling motors - each about half the width of the current).
The purpose of the leveling motors is to allow you to compensate for the change in weight distribution of your car. For example if you have a large load in your trunk, you could use the leveling motors to adjust the light angle (with the sharp e-code cut off) down to compensate for the bodies in the trunk.
3) Here's how I would hook up the fogs and the micro DE's. I would wire up the fogs just like normal - to activate with the front fog position on the Euroswitch (by pulling out one click). Then I would wire up the DE's so that they turn on when you pull the switch out two clicks (normally the REAR fog).
That way, you could turn on the H3 fogs in the e-codes, have those on and then when you pulled out one more click the DE's would come one. All with nice clean OE switching.

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