Two years ago, EAA was first to market with the INA Engineering AN racing style flanges (which we still offer for race cars running AN lines). A lot of people requested OEM replica cast flanges at that time. After a full year of development, we've delivered again with the first complete MK4 1.8T aluminum flange kit. The plastic OEM units eventually crack over time with their exposure to heat cycling. Replace your failure prone plastic OEM flanges with these cast aluminum units, and you will never have to worry about another broken flange! These cast aluminum flange replacements work on all MK4 transverse 1.8T cars, with manual and automatic transmissions.

The complete kit includes the following four coolant flanges. These are exact cast aluminum replicas of the plastic OEM units and work with your stock hoses. A gasket, coolant temperature sensor o-ring, and clip are included for the head flange.  A new o-ring for the thermostat flange is also included. Please contact us at: [email protected] if you'd like to add a new coolant temp sensor and/or thermostat and/or new hose kit to your order.

(1) Cylinder head coolant flange - 06A121132AP - $51 USD
(1) Thermostat housing - 06A121121C - $39
(1) Upper radiator hose 4 way distribution pipe - 1J0121087C - $25
(1) Turbocharger coolant return split fitting - 1J0121087E - $23

$119 USD SHIPPED for the full set!

See our new products page to place your order. Limited quantities!