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I bought a 4 headlamp grille on eBay for my '85 Cabby. (And then I found an OEM headlight switch there!) The lights say E1 and take H3s, yet to be purchased. So, how would you set it up? Do I need relays if I just use 55 watters? The stock setup is 4 fuses (hi/lo, L/R) and no relays.
I wonder how the stock 88 - on Cabby is set up. Are the driving lights on their own switch and work only with low beams? As far as I can tell from my Bentley's, they don't have relays either.
Not sure whether to go with yellow fogs or white driving lights. Truth be told I don't drive my Cabby in a whole lot of bad weather or darkness. (MN = 16 hours of daylight or lethal windchill) So I really don't need a trick (uh, hi $) setup.
And oh yeah - I don't have the connectors. Can these be purchased or do you have a good way to kluge them?
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Re: Early Cabby - 4 headlight conversion (MN Cabby)

ok. On my A2, I did not have to replace any relays or fuses, but if you dont trust your wiring, you may want to upgrade it and add relays, even w/ 55 watters. But mine was a 92, and they ran for more than a year w/o problems.
the inner driving lamps come on w/ the outer high beam. there is no extra switch.
I did not know you could get amber fogs for these. I know you can get amber driving lamps. (french lenses)
If you havent already, get the H-4 european lamps, the 'verts came w/ sealed beams which are horrible. When you buy these, you should beable to get the adapter. On my A2 it plugged into the back of the H-4 (outer) and had to additional wires that ran to the inner driving lamps.
Good Luck
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