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Early GTI identification help?

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I am a Sciricco guy, and there is a "83 GTI" for sale here locally. All the add says is "good engine - $200" Is 83 when they stopped calling them "Rabbit GTI" and they had there own name? And what is the basic engine/trans/susp lay-out or upgraded parts on these things. I'll bet there are a few parts on there that I would be wise to have of use or sell to some other VW freaks. Would this car have those 14" wheels that have 15 or so "spokes" that are black on the sides and shiny on the face. Sorry for my ignorance here. Thanks for any help
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Re: Early GTI identification help? (Indiana Red)

'83 and '84 were the only years for the Rabbit GTI. After that, they went to the A2 body and became Golf's. Yes, it should have the 14" black and silver 'snowflakes' on it.
Stock configuration:
1.8L 8v solid lifter motor, 90hp, 100lb-ft
5 spd close-ratio transmission
front and rear sway bars
14" 'snowflake' wheels w/ 185/60/14 tires (Pirelli P6)
If it's really a GTI, and it runs, buy it for $200!!!!!
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