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I'll admit I don't know much at all about R8s, have always thought they were neat, just starting to get interested in them as I've seen that 2008-09 R8s (V8) can be had in the $60,000 range.

If I were to buy one, the goal would be to have it be a second car which I do a lot of my daily around-town driving in and have a blast while doing it... ideally driving it whenever I don't have a bunch of people, bunch of stuff, real bad weather, or when I have to leave it in a parking lot for extended time. No plans to modify it, track it, etc and would want to keep it for a few years. I've always loved "supercars" but much more than $60k is way out of my price range.

So thought I'd ask what the basic thoughts you all have are. Are these cars worth looking into? Are they maintenance nightmares... what kind of annual costs would one expect? Any huge pros or cons?

The other option I've considered is just buying a new S4. Roughly the same price and performance, but with a warranty, not having to own a second car, etc.... but that option just seems "boring" to someone who always turns his head everytime some kind of exotic drives by.

Thanks y'all!
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