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Just got my HPA short throw and installed it. Came to find out the counterweight was rubbing on the end clip, no matter how I adjusted it. So i took it off and ground a little off the counterweight, got it painted, and re installed it....
But this time I disassembled the entire shifter assembly on the tarnny and thoroughly cleaned all the contact surfaces and lubed them all with some high tech crazy teflon grease. It might be kinda pricey but we have tons of it at work so i was liberal with it. cleaned off all the excess and tried it out.
I had the SS installed once before the grease and after. So I really did notice a slight difference. Not claiming better 1/4 times or 20 WHP, but if youre gonna have your shifter off for any reason, or if you just get really bored and look at your car sometimes, like "what can I do today" Then this might interest you. The shifting is very effortless and thats with a short throw and 3/4" lopped off my lever inside too.
I was pleased with it so i thought I would share, seems like one you you wouldnt normally think of. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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