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Re: Ebay can be a hoot! (Volkscience)


Woah! Mad Max![HR][/HR]​
And he's a real genius too:
quote:[HR][/HR]Since the car is lighter than most 4wd vehicles, it does better in snow and similar conditions. [HR][/HR]​
Yeah that's why the honda insight has UBER snow performance

Re: Ebay can be a hoot! (1983GTI)

Actually, if that MINI Cooper is truly loaded, then $26,990 isn't a bad price, if you absolutely must be the first person on the block to have one. If you select practically every option on the MINI's menu except an automatic, you can easily reach that. Judging by that car's lack of a rear spoiler and a nav system, I suspect it has about a $3K mark-up.
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