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Re: ebay find (H2o)

Quote, originally posted by H2o »
I duno if anyone has ever used it on here (im sure theres a handfull that just dont wana admit it).. but its not gona do much and IF IT DID it would be harmfull to your motor.
if it was for real places like autotech and tectonics would be selling them also

save your money

Autotech and TT do sell them... they're called fuel enrichment modules, and you can make your own for about 5 bux. all they are is a relay and either a POT or resistor.
it basically hooks up to the full throttle switch(depending on how it's activated) and the coolant temp sensor.
They work, but I'd buy one from someone off here that way all you have to do is plug it in vs splicing a million different wires.
20bhp is a little bogus, you'll probably realistically only see 5-10 depending on whats been done to your motor. It's only worth it to do to fuel systems that are unchippable like CIS-E. If you have Motronic, chipping a motronic ECU will provide MUCH better results than this thing.
It wont hurt the car.... outside of mangling the wires you tap.

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