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EBC Greenstuff.......

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Any one here using the Greenstuff against stock rotors in the front or rears. What are your experiences and/or comments about them??
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Re: EBC Greenstuff....... (HYE-TEK)

Warped my stock rotors big style. The newer compound should be better for the stock rotors though but don't quote me on that. I changed to EBC discs and things are good now.
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Re: EBC Greenstuff....... (Pangster)

Warped the front or rears??
Re: EBC Greenstuff....... (HYE-TEK)


I had my first set of stock rotors (warped - 5k miles), second stock set (warped -5k miles again), third set this time Zimmerman crossdrilled (warped - 10k miles this time!), fourth set 12.3" Frozen/slotted rotors, no warpage after 7k miles! WOO HOO!!
My rears however are warped, and I am replacing the pads with Porterfields...
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Re: EBC Greenstuff....... (adg44)

Replaced front pads only so the front ones got [email protected] first.
Thinking about changing the rear ones cos of the brake dust but now adg44 has reminded me why I shouldn't!!!!!!!
Re: EBC Greenstuff....... (Pangster)

hows Mintex?
Re: EBC Greenstuff....... (HYE-TEK)

I installed mine myself (front and rear) on stock rotors ~10,000 miles ago and have not had a single problem. I race SCCA and am not a 'gentle' driver, I had a lot of reservations before putting them on, for all the above reasons, so I just thought I would use them until they warped my rotors, then replace the rotors, but I have had no problems!

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Re: EBC Greenstuff....... (BoraDR1VER)

The greenstuff killed my rotors in just 4000km, just put the brembo cross-drilled on for about 2 weeks now. See how it goes..
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