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Tom Dobson’s modified hot hatch performs faultlessly with this high-performing friction material installed

Avid track day enthusiast Tom Dobson, takes his beautifully maintained Mk3 VW Golf GTI out on the circuit as much as physically possible throughout the year.
Looking for a reliable and great-performing brake pad when it was time for an upgrade recently, he opted for EBC Brakes’ Orangestuff track-focused friction material for the front axle.
Along with oversized discs, this set of upgrades to the car’s factory-caliper brake setup has proven to be a substantial improvement, allowing Tom to stay on track for longer and brake later.
Orangestuff pads are a track-only product that offer extremely high friction levels at all brake temperatures, whilst remaining kind to the discs. They also boast a fast bed-in time due to pre-scorched surfaces, making them great for track days and club racing events.
Tom explains how he’s enjoyed the components so far in his own words below.

“I fitted a front set of EBC’s Orangestuff pads on my VW Golf GTI as it sees hard track day use and have found them to be fantastic pads! Great operation whether cold or hot, they give immediate bite when cold and only improve in bite and pedal feel when red hot after many open-pit lane laps.
“Using oversized discs and high-performance fluid, the braking performance of the car has never faltered; the pads merely squeak when red hot and carry on hauling the speed down for sharp turns.
“They have seen two track days at Cadwell Park and a Brands Hatch GP day since installation and show plenty of life left to tackle many more.
“Very reasonable on price and I’m extremely impressed by their performance. 10/10!”
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