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echeck cant get adequate sample????

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went to e-check today, there machine kept saying "sample diluted" from my exhaust, so they couldnt test my exhaust gases to get a good sample, i have stock cat. tt stainless pipes 1 resonator and end's in a supertrapp, the guy knew i was a car guy and couldnt say anything technical so he just kept repeating " you probably take it to a shop have them look at it, somthing in your exhuast is wierd the sample is diluted" said it a couple times over, so any thoughts what to do? why this could be happening? not enough backpressure, nothing really makes sense to me. Except maybe the sound deadning material in the supertrapp is soaking up a bunch of gases or whatever but not ALL of it i'm sure. well let me know what you guys think good or bad or stupid
(also next time i'll turn my koni's to full firm see what they say)
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Re: echeck cant get adequate sample???? (mr Paul)

how new is the trapp cause they come oiled down inside and that will do it unless its burned out good
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