JCaps started back when Jay, a mechanical engineer, became the proud owner of a brand new 2004 R32. He sought after high quality, billet machined accessories to dress up the engine bay and interior, but nothing on the market met his high quality standards. The only option was for him to engineer and produce his own precision machined components.



JCaps products offerings exude the engineering precision that comes from experience developing prototype designs in highly demanding circumstances for enthusiasts throughout the world.



Now successfully offering these parts for 12 years, JCaps has continued to maintained the same quality that their customers have come to expect and love. ECS Tuning is proud to be the exclusive distributor of JCaps by providing the entire catalog in one, convenient online store.



To increase the longevity and prevent fading, the black anodized coating contains UV inhibitors so your black cap will not discolor, even after years down the road.



All JCaps products are precision CNC machined from 6061 series billet aluminum and include stainless steel hardware, where needed. Fitment is perfect and installation is simple. Simply remove your old piece and and reinstall your JCap, typically only needing an included hex key for products that secure using set screws.



Designed, crafted, and perfected all in the U.S.A. Jay's family run business maintains the highest quality levels and standards for all of their products. Each JCap is personally inspected by Jay himself prior to sending it off.

A relationship that is bound to produce exciting releases in the near future, ECS and JCaps are poised to consistently deliver the most progressive, meticulously engineered products.

To view JCaps products for your vehicle go to www.ecstuning.com Select Vehicle > Brand > JCaps

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