ECS Tuning brings on progressive Rennline Inc. Volkswagen product line – unique performance, body and interior releases expected to deeply enrich the ECS Catalog. 

In-house prototyped and manufactured Rennline parts thrive on exclusivity and innovation.  Known world-wide primarily for their creative and original Porsche offerings, Rennline Inc. is not only the distributor, but manufacturer of the majority of products that wear the Rennline name. 

With CNC Waterjet and milling operations, as well as bending, forming, welding, embossing, powder coating, painting, and anodizing capabilities, Rennline's extremely diverse facility allows them to design as well as prototype and manufacture all of their own products in-house. Rennline is keen to emphasize that “Although we are relatively small market company, we attempt to bring the highest quality parts to the aftermarket through meticulous design and testing, and by manufacturing with high attention to detail, much of which is completed at our own facility here in Vermont.” The creative control  to develop an idea internally from conception to production gives them the rare freedom to identify marketplace trends and attend to them with accuracy and precision.

ECS Tuning will be offering some of the most innovative Rennline products immediately at the inception of this new partnership. 
RS-Style Door Pull Sets, available in an array of colors, are a clever way to bring the race-oriented interior stylings of the RS-Line Porsche models to your Volkswagen – a Rennline exclusive product.

Another nod to Porsche racing heritage, the GT3 Cup Center Locking Wheel-Style Center Caps instantly add the unmistakable look of a track-bred performance car. Made from billet aluminum and available in Silver or Black, the Rennline caps will fit factory and aftermarket wheels.

For VW owners seeking an elegant solution to towing their tracked or raced vehicle, the machined 300 series stainless steel Folding Tow Hooks are designed to withstand the extreme abuse experienced during track days. Further yet, the fully-machined and chamfered edges and flawless brushed surface finish brings a luxury aesthetic to the front of your car.

The possibilities that GoPro action videography offers car enthusiasts are endless. However, most drivers share the sincere concern for secure, reliable camera mounting; suction cup mounts destroy paint and become a serious hazard to others when they fall off. The Rennline GoPro Tow Hook Mount is the final solution to the dilemma, not only providing an exceptionally reliable and sturdy mounting location for your camera, but retaining tow hook functionality in the process. 

A relationship that is bound to produce equally exciting releases for Porsche, BMW, and Audi models in the near future, ECS and Rennline are poised to consistently deliver the most progressive, meticulously engineered performance products, while maintaining a deep commitment to authentic, reliable customer service and company accountability. 

To view Rennline products for your vehicle go to   Select Vehicle > Brand > Rennline

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