ECS Stainless Exact-Fit brake lines drastically increase brake pedal firmness, better resist chemical and heat degradation and are made to fit your vehicle without compromise using factory clips and attachment points. 

Exact Fit Hose Construction

The core of an ECS Tuning Exact-Fit line is made of PTFE (trade name Teflon®). Stronger than rubber, PTFE swells less under pressure, is flexible and durable, and is unaffected by chemicals that can damage EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), including petroleum-based fluids.

The inner core is surrounded by a stainless steel mesh that is stronger than comparable fabric mesh reinforcements used in stock     hoses, while the stainless mesh resists core expansion under pressure better than a fabric mesh. 

The result is a firmer, more connected brake pedal, and the elimination of the “squishiness” characteristic of OEM brake lines. Less core expansion also allows a harder initial pedal feel as the brakes are applied, increasing braking confidence and responsiveness. 

The outer coat of the Exact-Fit hose is made of a bright red, seamless polymer. Attractive and more impact resistant than synthetic rubber, the Exact-Fit outer layer also provides added protection from chemical and UV attack.


Tested for Your Peace of Mind

Each brake line is designed, manufactured, quality inspected, and test fit in-house to ensure a perfect fit for each application. As a     final quality control step, each Exact-Fit line is tested in-house at ECS Tuning to 3,000 psi (21,000 kPa), a pressure [2 times] greater than what it will normally experience in a vehicle braking system. 

To ensure that our brake lines meet customer expectations for safety and performance, Exact-Fit lines are made to comply with DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) standards listed in FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) 106. (Title 49, Volume 5, Subpart N, Section 571.106 of the Code of Federal Regulations.) All lines are made on dedicated, DOT-compliant brake equipment.


Improve your pedal feel and remove the squish with ECS Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines for your MKVII.

For further information, click  Here  or go to the following ECS part numbers.
ECS Part Numbers:
ES2848046  - Front & Rear Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Kit 
ES2834629  - Front Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines 
ES2794883  - Rear Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines 

Volkswagen Golf VII 1.8T Gen3 
Volkswagen Golf VII 2.0T Gen3

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