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A friend of mine help me install those today. Actually, he installed them because I had no clue where to start. He had done it to his former Mk3 Jetta and he said he could do my car. The fronts are fairly easy and straight forward. The rear onestook us a LONG time to figure out that you dont chage the line at the calipers but under the car a little bit in front of the rear axle beam.
The rear driver side seamed a bit easy to do, but we got stuck in the passenger side. We couldnt figure out how to remove the line in the top braket. So, we decided not to do the rears, at least for now. Either someone gives me a good HOW-TO for the rear lines (lenght of flare nut wrench, twist here, touch your nose while you rub your belly kinda of instructions) my God we couldnt undo that line or I sell the rear lines.
We procedeed to flush and bleed the lines using a power bleeder, and ATE Super Blue. I got to put in a 2.0L MAF sensor b/c mine is giveing codes already. Washed and oilded my AEM CAI filter, diagnosed which of my hrons is not working (the low tone one), I took of my grille and I am gonna paint it flat black later. It has been a productive weekend.
I will report once I test out the brakes. I have a cold and I am spent of being in 85F weather most of the day. I have no strength left to do the wheel bolts.
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