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It's Car Show SEASON.... but in 2020 of course that makes things a little... different.

Want to enter? Email 5 photos and a little info on your car to [email protected] by June 12th, 2020

With our favorite shows mostly canceled and many of us restricted to our houses for the foreseeable future, we've decided to bring a car show to your computer with a little help from some of our friends. You may have seen our previous Virtual Car Shows in the past, but this one is going to be a little different. This year, we are asking for you to submit your car once again. After submissions end on Friday the 12th of June, we will narrow down the list of entries to our final contenders. Then, Wednesday the 17th, our celebrity guest judges will pick the top twenty cars to compete for 'best in class' for Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and the special 'wild card' category. Once they've been selected, you, the Virtual Car Show attendees, will begin the voting on Friday the 19th to determine the best cars in each class. So grab your detailing equipment, your favorite picture-taking device, and upload your car to the ECS Virtual Car Show 2020: Quarantine Edition and see if your build has what it takes to impress the community and our celebrity judges.

Submissions End: 6.12.2020

Guest Judging Panel: 6.17.2020

Start Public Voting: 6.19.2020

End Public Voting: 7.5.2020

How It Works:

The ECS Virtual Car Show submissions will take place from May 22nd to June 12th. Our Internal Team will present the best of the best to Celebrity Judges to be deliberated on live and narrowed down to five cars for each class. Once each class, AUDI, BMW, VOLKSWAGEN, & WILD CARD has the five finalist we will let the public vote on their favorites in each class. The winners from these classes will be awarded a $500 gift card. Good luck, and don't try to photoshop any mods. We will know.

To be considered for judging, your submission MUST include photos that include at least ONE depiction of your car for EACH category. If you do not submit photos showing each judging category, you will be DISQUALIFIED from competition.


Audi: This class is for Audi models only. From classic to contemporary, stanced to rally-spec, and everything in between, if you have four rings on your car, this is your battleground.

BMW: Only BMW models are eligible here, unless you consider Alpina it's own manufacturer. In that case, BMW and Alpina. Whatever. If you have the Roundel on your car, it belongs here to see if it's the best on the internet.

Volkswagen: The category for the peoples' cars. Seat, Skoda, and Bugatti not included. Be it air cooled or water cooled, your Volkswagen build goes here to find out if it's loved by all the people.

Wild Card: Do you not fall in the other three categories? Do you have a Porsche, Mercedes, MINI, Toyota, Chevy, or any other make? Did you build a Frankenstein's monster yourself? Is there more custom sheet metal and bead-rolled work in this chassis than whatever it used to be? Does it have at least two different vehicles makes stitched together to form your dream car? Then your science experiment belongs in the Wild Card category to see if yours is the most creative, impressive, and one-of-a-kind build around.

Entries must be submitted to [email protected] between May 22nd to June 12th with your Instagram username, pictures of the car, and your full parts list.

Please include full parts list:
Wheels (specs optional)

You must send in enough pictures to be judged on the following:
Exterior = 20pts
Interior = 20pts
Engine Bay = 20pts
Mods = 15pts
Overall Impact = 20pts
Judges Bonus = 5pts
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