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ecu problem...please help

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my 95 jetta broke down like 2 and half weeks ago, i tried a couple things with no luck, so i took it to my local mechanic, mistake number one. anyways he says he's confident the ecu is broke and i need a new one, and he said the numbers have to be exact. is this true or is he pulling my chain? the reason i ask is because i had thought i found one at a salvage yard, and that guy said all 95's were the same, so now i don't know what to think. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks alot
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Re: ecu problem...please help (SpongeBob)

Re: ecu problem...please help (SpongeBob)

This maybe covered under warranty. A g/f of mine just had her replaced at no charge since it was a defect from the factory. She had a 95 2.0 automatic that had no warranty left on it. Call VW and get the lowdown.
Re: ecu problem...please help (SpongeBob)

Re: ecu problem...please help (155VERT83)

thats what i would do, and yes i think the ecu's have to have the exact numbers to work CORECTLY some may work but not as good as the origional.... what was your problam i might be having the same thing... also the ecu power relay is known to go bad on th 95's

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