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A little Question???
How about, changing a 1.8 8v digifanta II into OBD I Motronic from a 2.0 8v???
I have all the harness, fuel pump, cluster, ECU, mass flow, Knok, oxigen sensor, everithing from a 2.0 8v.
What do you thing about this ECU complet SWAP, will it work with no problems and have a good Performance???

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Re: ECU Swap??? 1.8 8v motronic. (serfopr)

It's not a direct swap. I think you'll have to fab/weld up an adapter for the throttle body and unless you swap to the serpentine belt system and accessories that came with the ABA, you'll probably have to modify the end of the harness to fit the 1.8L alternator and AC compressor if you still have it.
I'm collecting parts to do this for my car. All I really need now is A 93 or 94 complete wiring harness and ECU and I'll be ready to give it a shot.
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