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edgeracing tire/wheel bundles?

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looking at purchasing some new wheels in the future... interested in some 17" kahns... are the er bundles a good deal? anyone ordered from them before, any problems? and lastly... any recomendations for tires?
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Re: edgeracing tire/wheel bundles? (ri-v-dub)

I got my wheels for my Corrado from Edgeracing. Very cool company to deal with. I opted for Sumitomo HTRZ-2's and I'm extremely happy with them.. Excellent tire at an even better price.
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Re: edgeracing tire/wheel bundles? (ri-v-dub)

just one? anyone? someone....
Re: edgeracing tire/wheel bundles? (ri-v-dub)

I got my Sportec Mono/10s from Sacha at Edgeracing.. Very prompt shipping and every thing arrived ready to be put on the car... good company.
Re: edgeracing tire/wheel bundles? (zerind)

Well, if you're looking for Kahn's, ER is the only place you can get them. So price and customer support are irrelevant if you really want them...

I got my RSRs from Sacha and it was a pain because they were having shipping issues from England and then had import/duty issues once they arrived in the U.S. In the end I waited over a month to get them!
...BUT I would do it all over again just for my RSRs!!!
I'm sure my experience was just a fluke and probably doesn't happen often at Edge Racing.
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Re: edgeracing tire/wheel bundles? (burdelli)

thanks for all the input...
I don't really have any knowledge on tires... i know about sizes, weight and what not... but nothing about who makes a good tire...
so then, what's the best kinda tire that i should consider??
the options are: (all are 225/45r17) (prices are for the bundle, wheels + tires)
Sumitomo HTRZ - $1380
Sumitomo HTRZII - $1460
Toyo Proxes FZ4 - $1540
Toyo Proxes TIS - $1600
Yokohama AVS Sport - $1560
Bridgestone SO3 Pole Position - $1700
Nokian NRW H - $1590
Nokian NRW V - $1720
Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 - $1440
Michelin Pilot Sport - $1690
Pireli P700 Supersport - $1560
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Re: edgeracing tire/wheel bundles? (kkozma)

Edgeracing is AWESOME! Great prices and service!
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