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Efects of unhooking throttle switch on throttle body?

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My idle stabilizer is not working properly so in the mean time I have disconnected my idle switch on the throttle body so that the car does not have the crazy fluctuating idle. What effect will this have in starting a cold engine - even a -15 Celsius engine?
It is hopefully just a temporary fix till I figure out the idle.
Speaking of that crazy idle - mine jumps up and down from almost stalling to 1200 then might settle. I have tried cleaning it and the throttle body but still the same. When I unplug the idle swith it idles OK.

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Re: Efects of unhooking throttle switch on throttle body? (16V-2STROKE)

Shouldn't have any effect until the engine is warm. AFAIK, the CIS-E ECU only takes into account the coolant temp. sensor resistance (for determining idle speed) while the engine is cold.
At least my ISV "idle bog" is absent while the car is warming up.
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