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I drove to Dallas last week to visit friends and had some parts installed. The guys at Kentek(Kenny and Jesse) were great. I could have talked VW/Audi/1.8T stuff with them all day, but I knew Kenny had a trip planned (and his wife, daughter, and dog showed up to keep him on schedule). I will go back to have more mods done(he almost has me convinced on the APR front mount), and my timing belt at 60k. I drove on to Baton Rouge, then Perdido Key Florida, then back to Kansas City afterwards, and have had no problems.
Driving impressions:
Power delivery on downshifts(tiptronic) is much more instantaneous and eager. It just sorta feels cleaner. Vibration at idle(in drive) has barely increased with the urethane mount, but there seems to be more/better road feel at speed. I have not noticed any loss in AC performance, and it has been pretty hot everywhere I drove.
Gas mileage was 29.5 Dallas-to-Baton Rouge, and 29.9 on the way back to Kansas City. I never got better than 27mpg before!!
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