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Eibach front sway?

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If I go with the Eiback sport springs and dampers, do I really need/want the front sway too, or just the rear?
Anyone installed an Eibach system this way? Seems that their sway bars only come as a pair.
I may go the Shine Real Street route anyway, since I don't see a need to drop the car.

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Re: Eibach front sway? (keycom)

P.S. Still looking for a ride in a suspension modified Jetta. I'll be in K.C. the next two days. Anywhere within 100 miles of Nebraska City would be fine!
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Re: Eibach front sway? (keycom)

Since the Eibach front and rear bars are designed to work together, why would you want to split them up? They come packaged as a set for a reason. The reason is they are designed to work together.
Re: Eibach front sway? (dmkozak)

From earlier posts and from info on the Shine site, I thought the consensus was that front sway bars were not even needed.
Re: Eibach front sway? (keycom)

But now you're mixing apples and oranges. If you want to go Shine, then use the Shine rear bar, and decide if you want to keep the stock front bar or not. If you want to go Eibach, use what they have designed. (btw, the Eibach front bar is smaller than the stock front bar, so, Eibach is stiffening the rear while softening the front, like Shine is saying)
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