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A few months ago I updated the suspension on my MKIV from stock to Bilstein Sport Shocks and Eibach Pro-Kits. Great improvement, but after 2-3 weeks I noticed a metallic sound coming from the wheels. From the beginning I suspected the coil springs, especially after seeing many posts about Eibach Pro-Kit problems. Got it checked out, and it was confirmed from my local VW guru that the springs are defective.
Now, I have an awesome opportunity to change them and move to something more aggressive, FREE OF CHARGE! So, here begins the dillema, what do I go for? What is the best combo with the Bilstein's?
1) Eibach Sportline? (are these more reliable than the Pro-Kits?)
2) H&R Sport Springs?
3) Neuspeed Sport Spings?
4) Oettinger Sport Springs? (does anyone know how much the front/rear drop is?)
Note: The roads in my city are in bad shape. How much stiffer is the ride from the above selection vs. Eibach Pro-Kit?
I am looking for info and input from the VW Vortex community.
Thanks http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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