Bentley is trying to prove that  electric cars don’t need to make any sacrifices.

Unveiling the unfortunately named Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept at the Geneva Motor Show, the British brand is hinting at what it has planned for its future in terms of design and technology. Bentley doesn’t have an electric vehicle in its lineup yet and is using this concept to gauge interest, although CEO Wolfgang Durheimer did confirm “Bentley is committed to offering an electric model in its future portfolio.”

Bentley is really big on ensuring its fully electric vehicle won’t require its discerning owners to make any compromises, so the car will have all the refinement and performance they are used to.

The concept has fast inductive charging, an on-board concierge service, and can apparently drive from London to Paris on a single charge, which means about a 280-mile range.

The concept’s interior is also quite lovely with a cut-away steering wheel, glass touch capacitive surfaces, generous leather-covered surfaces, matte finish wood, diamond stitching, copper details, and a beautiful digital dashboard.

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