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Hi everybody.
Ok let me explain, I bought a 94 jetta GL a couple of months ago. During the winter the engine was replaced with a 98 Golf 2.0 engine. Before putting the golf engine in my jetta I tried it and everything was going fine. Everything from the golf was putted into my car. (Wiring Harness, FuseBox, transmission...) On first start off, everything went perfect... every single electrical device was working properly. After checking the fusebox we saw that the #4 fuse was burned. We replaced it, but it kept burning. But the car was working fine, so I was just gonna go back to the garage a week later. The second day, I was happy to go for the first real test drive.... I put the key on the turn to start position and then I hear a strange noise coming from the fusebox. (chlakchlak) The starter was not running at all. And the power was shutted down in the entire car,even the cluster.... Unplug the battery...replug it, try again and it started that time.
Since that day I stopped using the car but tried to locate the problem and I started it a couple of times. But the idle was really unstable.(may be a coincidence) I had to put some gas while starting to get the car running. And if I would release my foot from the gas pedal the idle was getting down to 400-300 and the engine was stopping. Seems like there was no idle at all !
The day after .... it was not starting anymore...I put the key in the start position and nothing happens... no more noises and no more power shutdown.
The worst part is that everything was going soo smooth in the previous car ......Help !
Facts about my car :
-The CAT was emptied by the previous owner.
-Oxygen sensor was replaced with the 98 one.
-1998 2.0L engine
-268 cam
-2.5'' Eurosport Cat back Exhaust
-Check engine light always ON (was ON on the previous car)
I would really appreciate to get some help from you guys.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.
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