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Hi y'all,
I'm posting this for my co-worker. He has a brand new passat and is experiencing some issues with the steering wheel buttons and the horn.
Whenever he has his sunvisor (drive-side) folded to the side AND extended, all controls work normal. BUT, as soon as he puts the visor back in it's "tugged-away" position, nothing on the steering wheel works. By that I mean, the horn and the audio controls (he hasn't tried the cruise control). This suggests that the two are linked somehow.
Does anyone know anything about this? The dealership just called him back and they have no clue as to what this could be. They are about to rip open his headliner and check all the cables and/or replace the whole visor.
Thanx for any comments or feedback.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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