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So I've gotten a bunch of great help on my last few issues and I'm back looking for more.. :cool:

Both headlights went out the other day, replaced both fuses, bulbs and switch because I had easy access to all. Now I have one headlight normal, one very dim. Both hig hbeams work as normal. From what I've found out it seems like it may be a grounding issue at this point. Think I've eliminated everything else and after replacing both fuses I had to again the day after.

The headlight in question (passenger side) has 3 cords coming from the plug, none were brown which was odd closest was orange. All 3 travel to DS under battery tray to ... too dark to see tonight. Where is the actual ground point for the headlights?

One other thing that may help is I noticed the negative battery terminal is cracked, not sure if that would effect it or not but thought it might be useful. Any input helps :laugh:
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