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Electrical issues?

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Ok so for the past couple of weeks I've been getting some really strange symptoms from my 2004 1.8t gls jetta. First off, sometimes i'll come up to my car and its completely dead (the mileage on the dash is gone, I cant start the car, and electronics are all dead), it will go on after I wait a few minutes and try to start it again and when it does the clock is reset and so is the resettable mileage. When I'm driving sometimes my radio will cut out for a few seconds and the lights that light up my dash board will dim. The thing that finally made me realize i needed to figure out what was up was last week when I was getting on the highway in 4th gear the car started to cut out and all the lights lit up on my dashboard. It eventually started going normal again and was fine but enough is enough. What could be the problem? I just got the ignition coil recall done figuring that would be the problem but i've also heard is could be the ignition switch causing these problems. If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,
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Start with the simple things, check out your battery, terminals, and wires. Then check out if your alternator is producing the proper amount of electricity.

After those check out, go into your fuse box. Let us know what you come up with there.
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