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Electrical Mayhem

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ok so yesterday, after installing a new adapter on the radiator (other one causing coolant problems), tried to turn on the car...didn't work -- even the accessories were out. and what was really weird was that there was this strange ass noise that sounded like a jammed seat belt motor that wouldn't stop until the key was completely out of the ignition. checked the battery with the multimeter...reads 10V! also just put new plugs in and i haven't run the car in awhile...prolly a week or so. thinking about just getting rid of the battery unless i can figure out what the hell's wrong. any suggestions?
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Re: Electrical Mayhem (spoolmeupVr6)

sounds like you need a new battery. Charge that one up a go get a new one. Especially with winter coming, the cold will eat up a tired battery.
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