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Electronic compass anyone?

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Has anyone succesfully added an electronic compass to their car (besides the expensive Donnelly rear view mirror with integrated compass and temperature sensor)? I'd be interested in any details and/or pics or any opinions on where to get one and how to smoothly integrate it into the Passat cockpit.
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Re: Electronic compass anyone? (sunjazz_99)

ditto. roads out here are crooked as a barrel of snakes.
Re: Electronic compass anyone? (GoBigRed)

Dont you mean politicians?
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Re: Electronic compass anyone? (sunjazz_99)

I haven't added one myself yet but here's a source. They're manufacturers and sell direct through their online store. I've also seen their products in catalogs and some specialty shops.
They look to be stand alone units but you might find a way to make it more integral with our interior.
Re: Electronic compass anyone? (mr.bouton)

^^^ BUMP.
Re: Electronic compass anyone? (sunjazz_99)

It costs a bit more (4300-$500 depending on model) but I got a Garmin GPS V - best toy ever.It gives you every driving direcction you could want such as compass, altitude, speed, time to distance, etc etc PLUS base maps and details down to street level for the enire continent. Small enough to sit on your dash or carry away as a handheld. Look at garmin.com for pictures. Why wait until VW offers the navi system in the U.S.
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