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Engine break-in

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Hi fellow Diesel Geeks!
My TDI should be here very soon(ordered 9 weeks ago), and I was wondering how long should I baby the motor til its broken in? How long do you leave the breakin oil in for?
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Re: Engine break-in (HIDGolf)

When I got mine the salesman said don't worry about it just go have fun. Best suggestion I can say would be to take it relatively easy for first 1000 miles, running up and down thru the gears as much as possible. Gradually pushing a little harder as you go. If you have some good mountain roads in your area that might be good varying your rpm's up and down hill. The book says 5k for breakin oil, the experts over at Fred's all say leave it for the full distance. I did that and have about 24k now and no loss of oil between 10k changes with fairly hard driving and lots of short trips(2.8 mi to work) in cold weather. Have a good time with the car.
Re: Engine break-in (kwhiner)

Re: Engine break-in (HIDGolf)

I wouldn't always trust people at the Vw dealership...

I was told there is no break in period my on G-60 supercharger, although its commonly known among us G60 folks that there is a standard break in period of 500miles.
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Re: Engine break-in (N'Syncro)

I was told no break-in oil for the TDI, just 5w40 Castrol Syntec.
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