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engine hesitation under partial load. Ideas?

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Hi all!!
So my engine seems to be running again and not stopping randomly like before (fitted ground cable to ecu), but still I have a problem here. When already run warm, the engine might stop for a split second (maybe no ignition, or gas being injected?) and then go on without hesitation. It has never happened under full acceleration, only while rolling around with the gas pedal around its halfway position. It also happens from time to time that idle might go over 1000 rpm even though the car is warm and had already being idling at about 800rpm for a while. Do any of you have an idea what any of the problems could be?
By the way, this is a G60 with RS-Chip, sports cam and a big intercooler (from a corrado, I think)
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Re: engine hesitation under partial load. Ideas? (kflip)

My guess, based on past experience of the same problem...
1. A clogged fuel filter
2. A failing fuel pump
If you haven't changed the filter within six months to a year, I'd try that. If you have, it could still be a bad filter and it's worth a try. If that doesn't do it (and you can get it to act up while sitting still), you could have the fuel presure checked to see if it is the pump ($$).
Good luck...
Re: engine hesitation under partial load. Ideas? (kflip)

Check you fuel lines.....I started having some problems this past weekend with the Corrado not wanting to accelerate.....about a mile down the highway it just stoped all together. When I was under the hood (besides the highway) I saw that the fuel line on the drivers side had come loose. O reinstalled it and all was fine???????
Re: engine hesitation under partial load. Ideas? (kflip)

I had the exact same problem with mt G60 Passat Syncro...until about a month ago.
I changed my chip (to an SNs Tuning chip...works EXTREMELY well and great service BTW), and at the same time I cleaned the ECU grounding points.
Since then, the problem has completely disappeared (and before, it was quite pronounced). What actually stopped the problem, I'm not sure, but I would check those ECU grounds.
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