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Engine light and Tire questions

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Once I started cold my engine (1.8T), the car shaked and yellow engine light reminded after regular light check. After about 20 secs, the light went off as the shaking stoped. Anyone has seen it.
This morning I found out front left tire is flat. I guess it hit something and leak. I got the stock Michelin (got 5000 miles on) tires. Anyone knows about the Michelin tire warranty? Should I get it patched? Or, swap with the spare tire and keep the patched tire. Assuming it is patchable.
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Re: Engine light and Tire questions (andynyc)

If you had previously started the car and only ran the engine very briefly, then shut it off, this could be the problem with the engine light. If the problem has gone away, the engine light will eventually go off, but the fault code will remain stored in memory until the dealer clears it with their scan tool. If you want, you can take it in to the dealer and have them see what it was, but I would bet it's a multiple cylinder misfire code due to you running the engine only briefly. This happened once with my Passat, I started it to move it to another parking spot and then shut it down. The next time I started it, the engine ran roughly for a few seconds and then it ran fine after that. The check engine light came on, and when I scanned it with my VAG-COM it was a multiple cylinder misfire code. I cleared the codes which turned off the light and it never happened again.
As for your tire, punctures are not covered under warranty. If you ran over a nail, why should Michelin pay for it? The warranty only covers manufacturing defects in the tire itself. Get the tire repaired if it is repairable, but have them break the tire off the rim and install a plug & patch, not just one of those tire plugs. If the tire is not repairable you will have to get a new one. This is all dependent on where the puncture is on the tire.
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Re: Engine light and Tire questions (Bartnik)

Thanks for your info. I have seen a lot of people mentioning about VAG-COM. I saw it on their web sie, it costs $199 dollar. I assume it connects somewhere in the car and the other end to a laptop. Should I get one as it seems to be very useful? Plus, I might need to code my new in-dash cd-player.
Re: Engine light and Tire questions (andynyc)

I would certainly recommend buying a VAG-COM, I've found it to be very useful. It's paid for itself the first time you can use it to clear a fault code without having to go to the dealer. You can also use it to do neat things like reprogram the locking options, recode the radio (as you mentioned), change the MFA language to German
It works best in conjunction with the Bentley shop manual CD-ROM as that has charts of the various fault codes and what systems to look at when troubleshooting them. But I think you'll find it comes in handy.
The price includes the full version of the VAG-COM software which you download from the web site, and an interface cable to connect in between your laptop and the car.
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