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engine or turbo troubles

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i recently just bought a 2003 vw gti and ever since i got it its been haveing trouble keeping boost. like when i drive in all gears i dont move my foot and once hit hits a certant point in boost it just loses all of it and starts over in the same gear not letting up on the pedal at all.. i thought it might be the DV but i changed that with the forge hyprid and i still have the same problem...if any one could help that would be great.
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Re: engine or turbo troubles (fart_me_baby)

you need to check for boost leaks sounds like it is building pressure to a certain point then dumping it through a leak do you have any cel(check engine light)?
Re: engine or turbo troubles (freeborder)

no theres no light on or anything.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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