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Engine problems!

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Today I drove my girlfriends VR GTI. Every time I would get on it it would buck. I would take it up to 5500 shift and it would buck until the rpm's would drop to 3800 then it would kick in again. Now the engine light is on. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? The car is stock.
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Re: Engine problems! (Edub04)

check plug wires. . .
Re: Engine problems! (bdb98vr6)

The light just came on it was not flashing. She had this problem a couple of months ago and the dealer could not figure it out. Finally they told her it was a vacuum hose. I just checked the plug wires and one of them is rotting.

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Re: Engine problems! (Edub04)

I'm going to order new wires tomorrow. Any other suggestions?
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